Independant Adult Service Provider in Montreal

About me

I am an introverted person who is in love with the special moments I get to create for people who need, want, and deserve it. Everyone is deserving of intimacy, pleasure, and genuine human connection, and it makes me feel good to be able to provide that for people, especially when they really need it. I provide services to ANYONE who is kind, respectful, and clearly values my time and my safety.

I am a dog owner and animal lover who is passionate about veganism. I enjoy cooking, and love to prove to everyone that vegan food is just as great as any other. If you don’t believe that, then you should definitely ask me to make you something. It will be my absolute pleasure to show up with vegan creme brulee that I’ll make myself. 

Disclaimer: This will not usually be available for appointments booked on the day of.

Because I am so comfortable with my sexuality, I would like to eventually further my career in the industry by getting into porn.

I am 5'6 in height, and 115 lbs in weight.

My eyes are green/hazel.

My small, natural, perky breasts are size 32A.

I have a great piece of ass on my body, which you will love grabbing and slapping while you fuck me.

I am young and sweet, but also mature and experienced.

I have a youthful body, an innocent face, and a mature mind.